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Sustainable and Productive Development Internship at CENIT-EEyN-UNSAM

Functie omschrijving

This internship is approved academically for SBE/Emerging Markets (EM) students.

The intern would be linked to one of the ongoing projects of CENIT at the time of his/her internship. Interested in topics such as Innovation in natural resources; Analysis of the mining and oil sector; Knowledge networks and industrial dynamics; Open innovation; Open and collaborative developments; Knowledge networks. Possible activities include: 1. Literature review on a topic linked to the specific project; 2. Participation in the development of case studies: interviews and analysis; 3. Data analysis: statistics and econometrics; 4. Collaboration in organizing academic and engagement events such as seminars, debates, workshops and other academic-related administrative activities; 5. Communication activities: writing blogs and other public communication activities, 6. Participation in Seminars, Group Studies and other group activities at CENIT.

Functie eisen

The intern could have different skills. We would like him/her to be particularly motivated on topics on science, technology, innovation and sustainable development
English and Spanish language skills required


No funding is available. We could help with visa arrangement (we are integrated to the National University of San Martin which are registered to receive interns) and other needs, although we must make clear that our resources are limited.


CENIT-EEyN-UNSAM - member of the Economics and Business School of the University of San Martín, located in Buenos Aires.

"We are a research center created in 1990 and integrated by a group of interdisciplinary researchers. Our main objective is to contribute to the generation of knowledge and debate about possibilities and alternatives for economic and social transformation in Argentina and Latin America.

Our projects include theoretical and applied research grouped into four different areas of work: productive development and innovation , sustainable development , open and collaborative production , and policies and regulations in science and technology .

We specialize in science, technology and productive innovation, especially in sectors of services and natural resources. In recent years, we have also oriented our agenda towards issues of inclusive innovation, sustainable development and open and collaborative production

Learn more about this institute via their website:

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This internship profile is approved for SBE/Emerging Markets (EM) students.
In case you are interested, send your CV and motivation letter (Spanish or English) to the Internship Office via by Wednesday 3rd of August 2022 and we will forward it to our contacts at CENIT.

Locatie vacature

Buenos Aires


CENIT (Research Centre for Transformation)

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