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Project: Smart Industry for AnQore Smart Chemicals.

Functie omschrijving

As of September ’19 AnQore plans to start an internship, where we would like the student to evaluate and provide recommendations how data science coming from industry 4.0 driven innovations can help AnQore to reach the next level with its supply chain performance.
The main research questions and objectives that we would like to see answered are:
• What elements within industry 4.0, by building further on AnQore’s House of Strategy, have the largest potential to achieve the next level of integration and supply chain competiveness?
• What key data elements from the supply chain and customer service perspective have the largest potential for AnQore to serve its customers with increased added value?
• In view of the above, define a data reporting and analysis model for AnQore’ s sensor technology for operational and tactical control and decision making.
With the implementation of sensor technology many data elements are already being measured and captured. AnQore appreciates that also other elements of the 4th industrial revolution provide potential new opportunities. Part of the internship is to structure and analyze the available data elements, to make proposals how to use them in the development of a next supply chain strategy and to develop the appropriate reports. Sensor technology within AnQore stands for real-time measurements of location, speed, transportation routes, pressure, temperature and shocks of rail tank cars and tank containers

Functie eisen

We expect that the student has a certain knowledge about Industry 4.0 elements and supply chain management. The student can / will make use of Tableau Business Intelligence Software for data analysis.


Sjoerd Zuidema: Director Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
Maurice Muris: DSCM Manager
Peter Kehrens: Logistics Purchasing & Implementation manager. Mentor of the student.

About AnQore
AnQore is a specialist European chemical supplier dedicated to the reliable, secure and continuous supply of acrylonitrile, ammonium sulfate, hydrogen cyanide, acetonitrile and sodium cyanide. Founded in 1969, AnQore is jointly owned by CVC Capital Partners and DSM since August 2015.


Supply chains today are in a state of transition. Demand patterns are changing. Key supplier and customer locations are shifting. Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Distribution infrastructures silt up. Making sure the end-to-end supply chain management is equipped to keep up has become a looming challenge on every supply chain manager’s mind.
AnQore will review her Supply Chain Strategy and set new markers towards 2025. This new strategy will furthermore contribute to the Mission Statement: Become the global supplier of choice. We produce and deliver our products in the most safe, efficient and reliable way, with minimal impact on society and environment.
Smart Industry stands for radical digitalization, connecting products, machines and people, and the use of new production technology. This offers a lot of opportunity for companies in all sectors. AnQore has set a first step into the direction of Industry 4.0 by implementing sensor technology on her transportation equipment.



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