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City Logistics Internship

Functie omschrijving

A startup doesn't know what dull and boring moments are. Everyday we work from early in the morning till late in the evening on the most complex and diverse problems. Our mission? Making 60 minutes the standard shipment time for packages around the world.
As a City Logistics intern, you are the key for the success and growth of the company. You are constantly aware of how our services are running in every city and together with the operations and team expansion team you develop our product and service in cities we are in. But most importantly you will help expanding to new cities by creating the most efficient strategies. Doing so you will be working closely to our rider community to understand their needs and to be able to anticipate the needs for future riders.
We offer all our positions the best care and the most responsibilities you can wish for. We believe that if you are a member of the team you are able to change the way we operate every day. This should not be limited to boring bug fixes and administrative work that makes you less happy day by day. Our core focus is to improve the way you work, improve your skillsets and get you ready to rumble.
Still triggered and interested to join the team? Let’s continue!
These are your main responsibilities:
• You manage the fleet of couriers for the city and you are responsible for creating a strong and happy rider community.
• You use the day-to-day data to improve the quality of our service and ensure growth
• You are the Packaly contact person for Lead Riders and Riders in every city
• You are in charge of Riders management (planning, etc.)
• You create solutions for unforeseen problems that might occur in every city
• You gather information through surveys or by speaking to riders and report to the Management team
• You support the expansion and operations team in improving the quality of our services from a logistical point of view.

Functie eisen

• Enthusiastic and pro-active attitude with ability to motivate others
• Great verbal and written communication skills in English and Dutch
• Third- or fourth-year student of a Business related program
• Ready for a fast-paced and flexible working environment.
• Availability for a 6-month period from August 2020.
• You have a valid EU work permit and live in The Netherlands.


• Open vacation policy. We don't mind how many days, just check with your team that the work still gets done. We do not count vacation days
• Free lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soda or whatever you fancy!
• Relaxed, informal ways of working and sociable colleagues. Every week we have drinks with the other internationally oriented residents and there are plenty of events happening all year round
• A great network of influencers, potential lifetime friends, talented geeks and promoting connections
• FREE SPOTIFY to listen to the Packaly Spotify Office tunes
• €300,- internship compensation
• A great office in the center of Utrecht


It's good to know what kind of culture we have at Packaly. We are a startup, which means that you just need to watch all seasons of Silicon Valley and you are up to date... No, just kidding. Here are 3 examples that probably will explain our culture best:
• We don't have a 9:00 till 17:00 mentality. Our CEO starts his day at 6:00 with a run, where our CTO starts his day at 9:30 with the standup from his living room when he is working from home. We don't mind working from home, just make sure that you don't miss your standup meeting at 9:30 or any other meeting that is planned for your day.
• It's 16:30, Monday afternoon and the sun is doing his thing pretty well today. Time to grab some cold beers from the fridge and join the rest of the team for a quick recap of the day, latest news or latest Netflix episodes that keep you busy at night. There is plenty of time to work over a day, we just want to make sure that you finish your tasks without a burnout!
• Last minute appointment with a friend, need to leave the office earlier than you expected? We don't take track of time, we take track of tasks.
Sounds pretty straightforward to me. When you onboard to the team you will be handed all the information you need on a silver plate. We call it: The Packaly Handbook

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