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Procedure and general conditions

The party who wants to post a vacancy (the Relation) first sends an e-mail to and will then receive login details which enable the relation to place vacancy advertisements. UM Career Services and the Faculty Internship Offices of FASoS, Law and SBE administer the UM Vacancy board based on a mutual agreement.
After successful submission of the vacancy, one of the administering parties will publish the advertisement within 5 working days after receipt. Should UM Career Services or the respective Faculty Internship Office refrain from publishing the vacancy in the UM Vacancy board, the advertising party will be given notice by e-mail -including the motivation for refusal- within the same 5 working days period.
If no earlier deadline has been indicated, advertisements remain published for a maximum of 2 months. After this period, vacancies are automatically removed from the UM Vacancy board.
UM Career Services and the Faculty Internship Offices reserve the right

  • To edit advertisements in order to improve the legibility of the vacancy as well as to correct spelling mistakes and / or grammatical errors.
  • To not advertise vacancies, which are unsuited for UM students in their opinion, not in line with the corporate policy of Maastricht University or if the internship vacancy does not match the internship requirements of the respective faculty.
  • To not advertise vacancies, if the submitted information is incorrect in the opinion of the administering parties.
  • To change the conditions. Changes will only apply to new advertisements however and not affect vacancies that were advertised already.


UM Career Services kindly requests you to

  • Advertise only vacancies which are relevant to UM students.
  • Provide comprehensive and accurate information regarding the position advertised.
  • Send an e-mail if the vacancy is filled or no longer available for other reasons. The advertisement will then be removed from our database.

For all communication regarding the UM Vacancy board, please address UM Career Services at

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